LTS Spring 2021 starts tomorrow . Hope the weather is as lovely as it has been for the last few weeks.

A gentle reminder for all teams using the Public Courts.

You may be aware that there does seem to be some inconsistency about how the swapping can be achieved with minimal disruption.

Some venues are happy to issue you with 8 bands of the same colour when you check in and leave you to it for the full two hours, however some (Kallang and Farrer Park) may ask for the court booker to come back and change the band colours for the second hour. Please follow the protocols of the venue. Patience may be required but it is doable !

Let’s also not forget that the global Covid-19 pandemic is still around so do practice safety measures at all times. If your teammates come and support, kindly make sure that they do not come and join you at any time even during the break to keep within the players’ group of 8.

Ladies we hope all goes smoothly and that we can all enjoy a fun and competitive season.

Here’s to a successful and fun season to all!